Free Gear Update!

The free sticker giveaway is over, but don’t let that stop you from filling in your information and checking the “Free Gear” box on your BME account information page.  This was just the first in what will soon be regular giveaways, including things like t-shirts!

One thing to note:  If you did manage to get your posts in before the deadline, make sure that the name you have registered is your real name.  Nobody can see this information, however when we go to print out the mailing labels, sending a package to cumguzzler666, 123 Blank Street, Averagetown, NY is a little tricky.  Your privacy has always been our number 1 concern, and as I mentioned before, the only time we ever access it is to print off a mailing label if you win something.  That’s it.  You won’t be getting junk flyers, and we will never sell your information to anybody.

If you don’t have a BME account, what are you waiting for?  It’s free to sign up, and that instantly gives you more access to the image galleries, and you can win free stuff!  Sign up today!

Also, 30% OFF almost everything in the BMEShop! Coupon code: movingsale
Sale ends April 11th! Check here for details!

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