A pointed profile

With his vast assortment of modifications, the Mechanical Demon has transformed from a human into something much more.  While I don’t have the list of artists who have worked on him, I do know that Arseniy Andersson is responsible for the ear pointing/reshaping.

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16 thoughts on “A pointed profile

  1. I just happened to read about him yesterday 🙂 Didn’t have the ears in it yet, i like them, the whole look works better now in my eyes.

  2. I love how serene and delicate he looks. Sometimes people get the harsh mods and look a little dangerous or diabolical, which works, but he has a much more fragile look. I love it.

  3. Oh nice =) I’m glad to be here too – the list of artists goes:
    Roni Lachowicz – Tattooed my eyeballs
    Pete Voutilainen, Olivia Moonchild, Humberto Laguna and me for the tattoos
    Lary Lahti from Larypiercing for all the subdermals 🙂
    Samppa Von Cyborg for the transdermal horns
    Arseniy Andersson for the ear pointing
    and last but not least Baawo Bee (The Baron) for all my piercings

    Thank you for friendly comments!
    Mechanical Demon

  4. He’s a tattooist and the first one here in Finland, and I guess the whole Scandinavia, to get his eyes tattooed black (eye tattoos by XRonix)

  5. i have my ears pointed and love them , not sure what went wrong with these ear points but im sad for him that he had that happen to him , i hope he can get someone to fix them so they don’t look so smashed and crooked/wavey

  6. I like the ears, he’s elf-like, or a faun or something kind of delicate like @3 said
    the eyes aren’t my thing but good stuff

  7. So strangely beautiful, I could just stare at him all day. Yes I know how creepy that sounds, lol.

  8. I love the mods – they suit him. They eyes are freaky but not in a bad way – they add to the entire look.

  9. @ pixie: im a tattooer, and when someone shows me their tattoos, i NEVER comment on the quality. I always just say ” oh wow, cool!” or something to that matter. The reason being, people with shit tattoos often dont know they are shit, so why tell them and ruin their happiness?

    Now im NOT saying this guys ear points are shit. In fact, i like them. And i have several friends with pointed ears, mostly done by Brian Decker. Decker does good ear points, but he has his own style. I think the person who pointed demonboy’s ears, also has their own style, hence the different look.

    Anyways, what im trying to say is “think before you open your pie hole”. Your false concern fools no one, you still sound like a bitch.

  10. @Lily, I’m happy to can see you’re intelligent and have the courage to speak your mind defending others 🙂 Those are great perks that many are afraid to use 🙂

    I’m not judging anyone here and even tho’ Pixie (titled to her opinion, no harm intended) clearly doesn’t seem to like mine – I don’t go through all these bigger changes to please people around me or in the internet. What we did with Arseniy was by far not the standard ear pointing, but a massive modification taking 5.5 hours in total with the outcome of exactly as planned and I’m very pleased with these. It’s nice nowadays to be told after 30min conversation or so that they finally noticed the change – as these do fit my looks like a glove and don’t stand out too much at all 🙂

    One artist I forgot to mention, but deserves a good point out is Jussi Paradise – the person behind my ear lobe reconstruction from 40mm to 0mm

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