Guess What?

So as I discovered last week, anal piercings are pretty obvious no matter how well the image is cropped.  The only thing I can tell you about this, is that it isn’t an anal piercing.

Think you know what this is?  Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.

I’m going to predict 50% guessed scrotum, and the other 50% guessed ear lobe.  You can see the full sized version of this photo in the large gauge male nipple piercing gallery.

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16 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Bummer, I’m wrong. But it looks like I guessed the same thing as everyone else. haha!

  2. Yup guessed that right. I feel like I only got it because I’m obsessed with stretched nipples mine currently at 2g And seeing how far I can go with them.

  3. I guessed foreskin or trans scrotal so was wrong, but I’m surprised that I was that wrong because I have large gauge nipple piercing myself.

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