I choose you!

I’m thinking the number of beers before this guy uses that as a pickup line is around two.  This was uploaded by Joeltron, but the watermarking indicates that it was probably Howie that did this tattoo.  In any case, someone at First Blood in Sydney gave this happy guy the pokeball he wanted, and gave us a new addition to the geek tattoo gallery.

7 thoughts on “I choose you!

  1. If someone who isn’t a tattooer does a tattoo, is it still considered “scratching” or a “home job” if that person is a body modification artist or did the tattoo in a studio?

  2. I guess the same could be asked when an apprentice is learning to do a tattoo, or when a horrible professional tattoo artist of 15 years does a horrible tattoo on someone.

    Howie does quite a number of palm tattoos, as they are a very specialized and difficult procedure to do. Most regular tattoo artists don’t touch palms as they are notoriously difficult to get the ink in and get it to heal consistently.

    Jamie’s (the guy with the pokeball palm) works at our studio and it has healed fantastically, in case any one is wondering. 🙂

  3. if a body modification artist performs procedures in hotel rooms or someones home is he considered a backyarder?

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