Guess What?

I’ve got to say.  We’ve been getting some pretty awesome Guess What? worthy submissions in the past few weeks.  This week is no exception.  Even without the cropping this photo is unusual, so make sure to think outside the box when you make your guesses.

So, what do you think this is?  Read on to see if you’re right.

So.  How many of you guessed that it was a stretched lobe, being pulled through a cheek piecing, and held in place with a split tongue?  I’m going to guess not too many.  And that adorable mug belongs to the one and only Joeltron.

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18 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. i wonder who took this photo……hmmm..haha thats what i get for making JT come in and open up early///…..

  2. I thought it was ruhbarb in a dick hole…idk why…but it’s usually a dick… ;)

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