Guess What?

I’m pretty sure most people will guess this one right away.  Although historically most of my predictions have been wrong.

Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.

Nose related pictures tend to be easy, simply because of the pores, but maybe you were fooled.  As for the big septum, that belongs to Csupakabra, who looks like this when he doesn’t have his fingers in his nose.

And yes, you are seeing a pair of sub-clavicles.

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11 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I don’t understand why people get sub-clavicles now that we have microdermals? Anyone care to share their opinion?

  2. In my opinion, getting any piercing, not just sub-clavicals, isnt about getting pretty lil bits of metal on your skin. Its about the challenge, the sensation, the after-care and especially the pride that comes with healing a more difficult piercing like this.
    Micro dermals are fun, but its a totally different thing to getting a deep piercing.
    Its like saying, why buy chocolate bar when they’ve made brownies? Both nommy, but just different.

    What does anyone else think?

  3. got it too because of the pores, and i think i may have seen this picture before =P

    BoJingles: totally agree with you =)

  4. In regards to TheFreakArtist and BoJingles:
    This is my own opinion/preference I suppose…
    It’s not about the healing process or the challenge(of getting done or to heal it). Why not get a microdermal? Sensation of know it’s going through all that flesh. Knowing I can take it out myself, easily. The end is the means for me;in a way it is about the appearance=the chosen jewelry that is shown. But it is also about knowing and feeling it go through all that flesh as I said;you can push it back an forth, move it about, unlike a dermal. I think I’ll stop at that. This is just my opinion, not right or wrong. Get what ever you prefer, for whatever reason you prefer it.

  5. For me the whole appeal of a sub clavicle would be everything mentioned on top of the exclusitivity of having one because finding an artist willing to do it is a challenge in its self.

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