Guess What?

Admittedly, yesterday’s Guess What? was way too easy.  So to make up for it, here’s one that should be a bit more challenging.

Take a guess, and read on to see if you’re right.

Well, if you guessed that it was an extreme close-up of a smiley, then you’d be right.  This particular smiley was put in by Stewart Granger.

16 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Smiley, easy. What I wanna know is where did they get that jewelry? I love the bead, so pretty.

  2. i got this one! i almost double-guessed myself, because i was like, well is it really a guess what if the answer isn’t balls of some sort? but i stuck with smiley. woo!

  3. I thought that it was too obvious, so I thought maybe it was a trick, and that its actually a really wet frenum piercing. lol

  4. Is changing the jewlery hard for anyone else?
    How to -make it easier.
    Got a captive opener.

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