Nip Split

This is one of those cautionary tales that somehow turned out all right in the end.  Of course, it took the help of three modification artists to make it happen, but I’d say it was worth it.  Here’s the story in Joeltron’s words.

Originally pierced at 12g and stretched WAY too fast to 12mm (by himself) with acrylic stretchers. Never a good thing, especially for this poor nipple! After the reconstruction they are nearly totally back to normal, except for a little bit of lost sensation.

So with the help of Howie and B-Slice, Joel was able to revert this nipple disaster.

5 thoughts on “Nip Split

  1. This was actually done during a series of hands-on mod training classes that Howie was doing with B-Slice and myself a good 2-3 years back. The healed photo was taken around 5 months after the recon.

    We all discussed different methods of how to reconstruct the nipples with as minimal visible scar tissue as possible and concluded that we took a very cosmetic approach to the procedure.

    This was personally my first (and so far only) experience with nipple re-cons, as its such a rare procedure. If anyone is keen to get it done themselves, hit howie up!

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