Guess What?

I wasn’t going to post a second guess what today, but after cropping this photo I figured that some people might not be able to tell what it is.  So here we go, another round of Guess What?

Read on to see if you guessed right.

Honestly, I think this one is probably an easy one to guess, but since it’s been a while since we’ve seen a tattooed full subincision alongside a deep shaft piercing.

Credit goes to Joeltron and Howie for the wide variety of modifications you’re seeing.

7 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Yay I was right! I can’t imagine the pain involved in getting that modification, but I will openly admit to being a fan of piercings in that general area. =P

  2. You know you’ve been on modblog too long when…. the guess what is easy as fuck and doesn’t even shock you 😛

  3. I’ve been on Modblog long enough to know it’s genitals….it’s always genitals. I’m not complaining I look forward to “guess what”. It’s the most action I get these days. 😐

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