Hot foot

Over the past two years of writing for ModBlog I’ve found that I’ve become somewhat desensitized to a lot of things.  But every once in a while something comes along that makes even me wince in pain.  This foot branding by Samppa on Naoise-Ryan Israel is a perfect example of something that makes me cringe.

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  1. Dear Rob
    It seems that it might be a shame to make a bearded Canadian cringe!
    I have to say that personally I don’t like beards but do (generally) like Canadians.
    I’ve also been there (Canada) 3 times (ON., PQ., BC.).
    Roughly 28 hours after the “BOOT SKIN” branding, I’m sittin’ ‘ere in my
    proverbal white socks fairly comfy with not a cringe or wince now or, even,
    too much then. The odd itch- to be sure- but that’s probably a good, like healing, thing.
    Samppa von Cyborg is, as you probably know, pretty much an expert in his field.
    Thus, let me assure you and your readers/viewers, my latest experience
    with Samppa was by no means too wrenching. That includes my second butt piercing
    done shortly after the branding. And I’m many things but no Hero, among others!
    Yours sincerely,

  2. Well, hellchild, if my branding is makin your toes curl, it might be unwise- or even uncool- of me to
    send any follow up pics! Unless, I suppose, you like your toes curled?

  3. I’m impressed! These brands look good and I’ve never before seen branded feet so to me it’s an original concept. I hope they heal well and I’d really like to see some follow-up pics. Congratulations to Naoise-Ryan and to Samppa.

  4. Wow. one of the few posts on this site that have made me cringe…

    I can’t imagine that walking around must’ve much fun while those were healing!

  5. Hiya everyone
    As you might want to see from my diary entry on IAM, everything seems to be healing up- albeit
    maybe gradually – quite well. Like I said earlier, I don’t want to play Hero. Yesterday, when I
    hardly went out at all (although that has more to do with the horribly rainy British weather
    more than anything) – apart from in my garden and up to the local shop – my feet were just a
    little sensitive, no pain. This morning, when I ventured on foot a bit more, they were a bit painful,
    ‘though psychology and general body energy might have more to do with that than the brandings themselves.
    This afternoon, several showers/a bit more sleep/two meals/other consumables later, they feel a lot better. The healing seems to be happening inwards on both feet (i.e. B on the right; N on the left;
    OOT SKI in between taking a little longer). I’ve also dosed with more than my usual vitamin intake,
    ‘E’ in particular and worked to keep my general circulation going, toe curling included!

  6. Full day 4 of “Boot Skin” and, to start with, the ongoing healing was uncomfortable and slowed me down a lot.
    But I air trainered up got to the end of my turning, and a bus unexpectedly turned up, which I took into Town.
    Things were fairly OK in the supermarket and, on the way back to the station, it’s a moot point whether the raw parts of my feet or the weight of my bags was giving me more gip. Crossing the road near here is a
    hazardous business at the best of times, but almost unbelievably a white van eased up to let me hobble over back to my place. I may have been right earlier in talking up the psychological link between confidence and pain as, after taking my dog for a walk in the garden, I was stable enough on my feet to take a hacksaw to a substantial branch of an overgrown tree and build up my security fortification towards my northern boundary.
    Right now, after a second shower and further vitamins earlier, “Boot Skin” seems to be building strength in it’s white lines branded on my pinky feet. A few photos taken earlier will go up on IAM and, if they want ‘em, BME soon. Regards everyone,

  7. Oooowwwwww h*ly j*sus f*ck balls c*Ck!!

    * scrunches eyes up*

    god damnnn!!

    Seriously I freaking LOVE THIS….but the mere thought of it makes my toes curl…but im oddly in awe and intrigued and can’t look away!!!

    I could NEVER actually get this. My feet are so sensitive that anyone who touches them is warned beforehand they will be kicked hard and its just a reflex……doctor found that out many years ago and nearly had a needle stab him…many friends have felt it first hand haha..

    But seriously….NICE work…its just…beaaaaaaautiful 😀

  8. You can, if you want, check my IAM diary for the onward path of my brandings.
    No, one of my toes is not shorter than the other; for whatever reason, I guess it was tension,
    just as the photo was taken by Samppa.
    Thanks to Dean for his comments. Believe me, I’m earning my style or perversion or whatever it is.

  9. Well you have earned a place on my “People with Bas-Ass-i-tude” list…goes for anyone with anything foot related….only cos I can NEVER do that haha

  10. Dear Dean
    I am trying to think long and hard (small ‘H’) as to how to recognise the “deep honour” you have bestowed on me! Let me, however, say something to you and other readers who may be interested about what leads to people like me- of course, I wouldn’t for one moment want to claim that the World does or should revolve around me- to develop any sort of Attitude… ass or otherwise, no ifs and probably no butts (rear or cigarette end (fag in English slang)…
    I believe in Social Justice.
    Everyone to get more or less their desired way of life, earning it by their own endeavour and interest,
    without attacking or blocking others.
    Unfortunately, this World in general- and some very greedy and dismissive countries and individuals in particular- quite often gets right in the way of any such personal enablement and freedom.
    That makes me even more determined, no matter what cost in money or pain or others scoffing…
    I am not a masicist, as such, but pain can be ridden for a result.

    Yours sincerely,


  11. Two years on..
    BOOT SKIN is still markedly there, on my feet; the ‘SKIN’
    more defined than the ‘BOOT’

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