Hot foot

Over the past two years of writing for ModBlog I’ve found that I’ve become somewhat desensitized to a lot of things.  But every once in a while something comes along that makes even me wince in pain.  This foot branding by Samppa on Naoise-Ryan Israel is a perfect example of something that makes me cringe.

Frozen extremes

We get a lot of requests for amputation stories, so today we’ve got one, but be warned, this one is pretty intense.

While I don’t know the reasons behind it, Tegumai_B decided to remove his lower left leg.  Typically the types of amputation we see on ModBlog are small digit removals, which are done at home.  However with the loss of a large potion of a limb, Tegumai_B needed the help of doctors.  Of course, going up to a doctor and asking them to remove your limb probably won’t work, so Tegumai_B used his own method of getting his leg amputated.

To start with, he spent most of a day with his foot surrounded by dry ice.  To see what happened next, you’ll have to keep on reading.

Once he removed his foot from the dry ice, it was off to the hospital where he had his foot examined by a doctor.

Sitting in an examination room. My foot is the color and texture of frozen chicken. The red bit looks nasty, but doesn’t hurt.

After being admitted, his foot began to swell up.

Skin of the entire frozen area has filled with fluid. It’s like wearing a rubber glove full of water. Still doesn’t hurt.

You can see how his toes have already started to turn black.  At this point, surgery is the only option as leaving his foot intact could potentially kill him.  The next step of course is the surgery.

Back in the ward. Two drains in, which were removed the next day.

5 weeks after the stitches were removed, here’s how the leg looked.

5 weeks post-op. No issues or infections then or now. All done.

It’s now been 5 years since the amputation, and Tegumai_B is happy with the results.

Just a photo of my stump, for ‘proof of identity’ purposes. Amazing how many ‘amputees’ are out there with the same photos 😉 About 5 years post-op.

To see more of his incredible journey, check out the amputation gallery on BME.

Toe Up

Clearly, I am out of shape, because I swear I felt my goddamn hip shattering just looking at these pictures of Justin and Paul twisting and contorting themselves to stick their toes into their stretched lobes. Says MobyK:

Justin and Paul in Sydney in 2006 demonstrating they can insert a toe into a lobe. They succeeded but neither was able to get in both toes into the two ears. [Ed. note: Amateurs.] The hands on the beads are just holding hair away to take the pictures.

See the culmination of Justin’s attempt, as well as Paul’s own journey, after the jump.

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Great, a Building With Athlete’s Foot

It’s almost impossible to post work coming out the Swastika Freakshop without some readers getting up in arms about their use of swastika iconography, an argument that typically devolves into one side claiming that the symbol is offensive and should be abolished, with the other naming historical precedents of the swastika being used as a sign of peace, and that this current usage is indeed a means of reclaiming a valuable piece of history from the tyranny of the Nazis.

Truthfully, both sides have valid points. To some, regardless of the swastika’s pre-WWII history, it has been forever tarnished by its abuse at the hands of the Nazis, and it may be unrealistic to expect people to study and accept an image that, to them, has only ever symbolized a very particular and ugly moment in human history. At the same time, reclamation of the swastika is a valid and noble project, and one that, should it be successful, would have only positive results. Sometimes, though, it seems that some on the reclamation side are maybe not as patient as they should be with those people who oppose the swastika’s use, which is understandable to an extent; when one spends so much time working toward a specific goal, to have one’s work disparaged just by dint of its existence can be extremely demoralizing. But patience, in this instance, may be the difference between educating someone and turning them off for good.

We’re not going to reach any verdicts here today, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, I think it’s that Marc’s Super Mario-themed tattoo on Rauschkind fucking rules. Two more shots, after the jump.