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I wanted to share with you an amazing concept piece from Lukas Zpira that’s actually from way back in 2007, but because it’s been in development, he’s kept it largely under wraps. You may remember the new transdermals from Samppa Von Cyborg that I wrote about a little while ago, and you can file this in the “great minds think alike” category, because for some time Lukas has also been working with implants that are anchored with ITAP-style small holes (and as far as I can document is the first person to implant a piece of this particular design), and are also of a rough finish to allow easier integration with the body (in fact, the transdermals that he sells have a similar finish — so I’m happy to see this idea is not limited to a single person). Lukas takes the transdermal concept a big step farther, by using some of those ideas to allow the creation of a titanium skinned “pod”.

Imagine a transdermal implant in reverse. So instead of the implant coming up and out of the skin, it creates a hole or indent in the skin, which is backed with titanium plate. Here is a closeup of what it looks like in the body:


And here is what the jewelry looks like:


Quite remarkable, isn’t it? Lukas Zpira installed that piece back in 2008 and wore it for the next eight months before taking it out to examine the healing tissue and to make way for the next generation — he’s planning larger pieces capable of holding electronics for example, although the project has been stalled by some of his other artistic work of late which I’ll post about another time. Below you can see a larger photo of the prototype in Lukas’s arm. I absolutely love the “inset” look of these pod implants, and am quite eagerly awaiting to see future improvements and variations on the design.


If you’re interested in having something like this done, I can’t tell you that it’s ready for public consumption, but Lukas can be reached c/o lukaszpira.com

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14 thoughts on “Titanium Skin

  1. This is a really neat concept. I’m much more interested in this than traditional transdermals.

  2. I would love to see one of these with a screw on lid, a little storage pocket.

    Or one with a transparent bottom so you could see what’s happening underneath it.

  3. amazing,, the area around it does look a little damaged though, i cant help but notice the tattoo has been affected.
    Shannon…. fantastic to see modblog having something other than half dressed girls and boys. Reading your original articles inspired and intrigued me. Mate, instantly modblog has upped its game…

  4. Well I was curious when he announced it on his facebook, but this is truly beautiful! can’t wait to see the progression of this implant.

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