Six Deep Clavicle Piercings

You almost certainly recognize him by his immense forearm implants in the foreground of the picture, but this radical piercing set was done by Gerson de Arauju of João Pessoa, Brazil, who you likely know better as FREAK UREA. His client now wears six sub-clavicle piercings, which may be the most installed in anyone (I can think of several people with four). Sub-clavicles are one of those conundrum piercings which common sense tells you should be almost comically suicidal in nature, opening such an easy channel for infection into the inner body… yet they have proven themselves in the small handful of people wearing them (perhaps a few dozen) to be shockingly trouble-free, taking about a year to heal and rarely causing complications in either the long-term or the short-term — unlike transscrotals, which when done in this style (pierced, not sutured), can hospitalize a person with a life-threatening infection within days of getting it.


Now, please don’t read this as me putting on a stamp of “safe” approval because I still consider it near the top of the “risk-level” chart — but, let eyelid piercing and eyeball tattooing and a few other things that common sense says should be high-risk catastrophes, the test of time so far is showing this piercing to be more of a kitten than a lion. And I have to admit that this is to my great surprise.

And as a general PS — I always tell people to watermark their photos because of how many people steal pictures and repost them, or worse, claim them as their own work. I’ve always enjoyed how Gerson “watermarks” a picture by tossing his very unique arm into the shot.

14 thoughts on “Six Deep Clavicle Piercings

  1. Thx for your return Shannon, BMEZine improved a lot thx to you. I also added you to my friends in FB, hope you accept me, I’m the spanish guy 😉

  2. I’m probably being stupid again, but I see three on each side on the bottom, but only two on each top. Where does the third one go?

  3. So i was reading the most recent posts on here thinking, “damn, this is some good stuff”! Then i look to see that its SHANNON!!!!!!! You were well missed!! Im not on facebook, so i couldnt read your blogs anyways!! Glad to read you again. 🙂

  4. Chiming in to say that I’m very glad to see you back, Shannon; the last few posts have been extremely informative and interesting.

    I will say, though, that I think the spelling you want is “clavicle.” Unless “clavical” is an adjective form there?

  5. oh shit.
    Shannon, why do you post such pics of things what (and how) we should never do?
    Why do you promote dangerous piercings, which are even not healed? (and, more likely, will never heal, due to medical theory)
    it’s times safer to do 6 pairs of microdermals abnd it will look fine. so what is the purpose to publish pics of dangerous procedures with no-purpose?

    (i even say nothing about that creepy arm on the first plane)

    i was living my life thinking that body modification is something that should improve our bodies, make em more beautiful, etc.
    i can understand people who do tons of facial piercings, or lip plates 50mm and more.
    but if only it looks HEALTHY.
    this crap is not looking healthy at all. it’s kind of great fail in body mod industry, for my humble opinion.

    and promoting doubtful things like not healed subclavical piercings, nick piercings and other shit which is done “just because nobody yet did that” – is no less fail than the subject of this thread.
    just compare it with Lukas and Samppa inventions. They publish it only when and after it heals well, and after it’d passed tests on several people successfully (at least this is what Samppa does).
    and what the F is that? a baby got a needle loaded with bioplastic bar..

    It’s a shame..

    sorry if i was too rude, i’m not trying to be a dick, just fighting for a clean, safe and beautiful bodymodification.

  6. I have to say I am almost on yor side, Arseny.
    I think Urea pushes things too far, way too often, also.

  7. I’m on Arseniy’s side here, those look very sore and not very happy, this makes me sad :<

  8. These are fresh, but Urea also has ones that are many years old. Perhaps you did not read the text of the entry, but only looked at the pictures? The whole point is that I have the same gut-reaction as you are having — however, history has consistently proved that reaction wrong. On my facebook feed (and I will repeat them here in time) I have featured a number of these that are well healed and many years old, not just fresh ones. It’s a completely viable piercing. Please, read and research before commenting.

  9. You have a fair point, But perhaps your post wouldnt have had such reactions if you had included said healed pictures within the post as well 🙂 i Understand the point of your post, and im glad to see this content back on here instead of some of the other average picture spam, but yeah, just my two cents that the inclusion of a healed pic for me personally, would have changed my whole view on this post and i feel i would have understood your view on this a lot better 🙂
    Cheers, No offence ment x

  10. Well, that’s why I mentioned the healed track record. There are loads of pictures in the BME galleries, and in material that I’ve posted here and elsewhere historically — I can’t really load every entry with background information. But I’ll accept this is a “special case” perhaps and when I get a chance, perhaps later today or tomorrow, I’ll post some healed ones as well for reference.

    Like I said, I don’t begrudge anyone the gut reaction that this is a terrible idea — I had the same. However, I do hope people keep an open mind.

  11. Firstly, welcome back Shannon 🙂 Lovely to see you on here again!

    Secondly, I think EVERYONE, including Shannon agrees these piercings shouldn’t really be done (or at least common place).
    I TOTALLY agree with Shannon’s choice of posting this picture.
    Without (informed) people pushing the limits of body modification there would be a load of things we now consider “safe” and somewhat common place missing from our world.
    Look at the development of Transdermals, the advances in scarification and even the growth of body piercing among others.

    Thirdly Arseniy who the hell are you to say what is or isn’t beautiful?!
    That’s an opinion, something everyone is entitled to. If we all thought the same things were beautiful then this world would be a very sad and very lonely place for the majority.
    Hush now!

    There we go… now time for bed.

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