Facial Tattoos and Healing

I had to share this beautiful photo by Kerry Pink of Simon Kendall, one of my favorite face-tattooed people. If you’re wondering why he looks so wonderfully happy in this picture, you need to understand why he got his face tattooed in the first place. If you continue reading after the break, there is a “before” picture of Simon and in it you’ll note that his face is very heavily scarred (his stomach and arms are deeply scarred as well, and he wears prosthetic legs, but all of that, unlike his face, can be covered). He had always been uncomfortable about these facial scars, and it had a very negative impact on his self-confidence. Luckily, the social acceptance of tattooing has given him the opportunity to cover up those tattoos with something more beautiful to him, and now wears a beautiful new face overflowing with artistry and beauty. He now has more confidence than he ever thought possible.


Anyone should be so lucky to have such an amazing visage!!!


15 thoughts on “Facial Tattoos and Healing

  1. I think I may have seen him in Tesco in Beeston, Nottingham last week. He was sat in a wheelchair with a big grin on his face surrounded by kids who were obviously fascinated by him! Either that or it was someone else with very similar tattoos and no legs.

  2. He looked good before, but the tattoos are just beautiful (as are his gorgeous eyes!!).

  3. Amazing tattoo, It suites his face very well.

    @Giles Wallwork – But at the same time stories about bodymodification enabling people to change their appearance in a way, that makes them feel at home in their own body are heartwarming, don’t you think?

  4. Facial scars or facial tattoos those stunning blue eyes are the first thing I see in both pics!! *swoon*

  5. Love the tattoo but to be honest I like the scars better, they add real character to his face. Having said that I dont know the story behind them (nor do I need to) so if he wanted them covered then fair enough!

  6. I actually like the scars better, I thought they looked awesome. But if he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

  7. hi all im the guy in the pic, i didnt even know this was here until i was told 5min ago, thank you all for the nice comments and support, ps smurf it was me you saw in tesco 🙂

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