Monday, Bloody Monday

So, in case you guys haven’t figured it out by now, Shannon’s back!  He’s pretty much doing his own thing now, posting when he feels like it, but I’m sure if you show him some love, you’ll see quite a few posts by him.  For the regular day-to-day ModBlog posts, you’ve still got me.  While Shannon has the freedom to pick and choose his topics from his extensive background, I’ll be focusing on what’s new and exciting in the BME galleries.  And what better way to kick off a week than with a post that gets put behind a break because of nudity, and also a warning that the pictures may be triggering for some people.

So if you’re curious as to just how bloody IAM:Nixiie is, and how she got that way, keep on reading…

What started off with some play piercings on her back quickly escalated when Nixiie went right for the vein.

And of course, once that happens, you know there’s going to be a lot of blood.

And by a lot I mean A LOT.

Be sure to check out the “Blood, Blood, Blood” gallery to see the rest of the photos from this wild night.

And while it should be obvious to everyone, remember that tapping a vein like that is incredibly dangerous and can result in serious injuries or death.

6 thoughts on “Monday, Bloody Monday

  1. Giles – To be honest, the risk of fainting is largely a psychological issue (like how some faint when WATCHING someone get a piercing) and I’d say that the risk of head trauma from hitting ones skull on the tub during a fall is higher than risk from blood loss!!! As has been pointed out here many a time, you can lose a heck of a lot of blood and be just fine. But I think the fainting/head-injury point is important to remember, as there are secondary risks like that which are not-so-obvious but still quite significant.

  2. Thanks for the feature!

    I love the “spurt” it’s so exciting to watch it start to gush 🙂

    I would like to let you al know, that i only do this with brand new sterile needles, disinfected skin, while sitting down and with someone else in the room to make sure i’m ok. I have pretty low blood pressure and am prone to fainting, so i’m aware of the risk of being unsupervised.I LOVE needles though, and venipuncture specifically, and since they don’t let me give blood anymore this is a good way to get my kicks. (Being covered in blood is way more fun than it just going into a bag anyway!)

    Also, it was cutting not play piercing on my back initially (no photos here but there are a bunch in the gallery)

  3. If you have the necessary courage, it’s more exciting if you use a long needle for intracardiac injections and sink it in your heart. Then post the jet. You don’t die: they do it normally in hospitals. It’s wonderful to see blood squirting out from the heart.

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