Stigmatum Piercing

Cesare, whose remarkable multi-mouth face I included a few posts back, also wears a number of amazing deep piercings. More importantly perhaps, he’s not just skewering himself like a Fakir doing a pain show — these are long-term well-healed piercings. For example, his subclavicles are now three years old if memory serves, and his bicep piercings, which actually pass through the bulk of the muscle, are also getting old. His deep hand piercing shown here has truly shown the test of time, and in this picture is about four years old. A very special piercing that not everyone has the hygeine level and body awareness to successfully heal, but it can be done. To be very clear about what this is, it is a flexible bar that passes between the metacarpals. In the photo you can also see some other deep hand piercings including a transfinger piercing, but the stigmatum piercing is the deepest, and most unique and impressive of the set to me.


P.S. I promised that I would post some pictures of healed “impossible piercings” that I’ve previously posted on my wall, so last night I read up on Facebook’s Graph API and discovered that scraping ones posts is remarkably easy. I had gotten a SocialSafe account, but for some reason it randomly missed 500 or so posts, which I have no good explanation for. But right now I’m dowloading the remainder of the 2,000 or so Modblog-type images and articles I posted there over the last few months (I’m truly shocked it’s that many), and I will endeavor to repost the best of them here, since they’re virtually inaccessible — and thus useless to future readers — on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Stigmatum Piercing

  1. Hey! Thumbs up you’re back to ModBlog!!! And wow to these piercings. I healed quite some things myself (and some not, my biceps piercigns finally after many years rejected, had to remove…), but this is… wow Incredible ability of healing!

  2. This is fascinating but at the same time leaves me wondering how it is possible to live a “normal” life with piercings like these.
    I can imagine them getting in the way/caught in a lot of situations.

  3. I love the dedication, these are unique piercings for a person that is no less unique!
    And it’s good to have you back Shannon!

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