At Peace

I’ve been told that coma suspensions are among the most relaxing suspensions, and it’s easy to see why.  Check out the custom head rest they’ve used, which is a big step up from the roll of paper towel we’ve seen in the past.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information on who facilitated the suspension.  Remember, every time you send in photos, fill out all the boxes so artists and teams can get the credit they deserve.

4 thoughts on “At Peace

  1. I’m almost positive that this is from Oslo SusCon 2012 as I recognize the back tattoo and am pretty sure the man with that tattoo suspended in a coma there.

  2. It’s from one of Body Extreme Suspension Team’s (B.E.S.T.) events at Støberiet in Copenhagen, Denmark. The suspendee is Martin.

    Love, Copenhagen Body Extremes

  3. Yo, this was facilitated by Muffe of B.E.S.T (Body Extremes Suspension Team) in Copenhagen around the beggining of 2012.
    The suspendee’s ma,es is Martin and he did attend Oslo suscon this year Jason 🙂

  4. I forgot: The custom head rest was made by a local guy near the shop. If anyone is interested we can send the measurements – just send us an email from our website: 🙂

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