At Peace

I’ve been told that coma suspensions are among the most relaxing suspensions, and it’s easy to see why.  Check out the custom head rest they’ve used, which is a big step up from the roll of paper towel we’ve seen in the past.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information on who facilitated the suspension.  Remember, every time you send in photos, fill out all the boxes so artists and teams can get the credit they deserve.

Facing Pain

Just a word of caution before getting into this post.  Facial suspensions are extremely dangerous, and have only been successfully attempted by two people, both of whom put in an extensive amount of research and training (we’re talking years) before even throwing the first hook.  They can easily lead to serious injury, death, or a cheesy John Travolta/Nic Cage film.

With all that said, let’s check in on what Supa and the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew have been up to…

To see more of this amazing suspension, keep on reading.

As you saw above, Supa suspended using three hooks in his face, however the suspension didn’t start out that way.

In recent months Supa has been experimenting with transformation suspensions.  We even saw one earlier today.  This particular suspension started out as an 9pt modified coma.  From there, Supa transitioned into a vertical suspension without changing any hooks.

From there the lower hooks were cut away, leaving him suspended only by the three remaining hooks in his face.

At this point I’m fairly certain that Supa is in fact an alien, or possibly some new species of human, as he’s pushed himself (and suspension) into incredible new directions that a few years ago we would never have thought possible.

And just to reiterate, facial suspensions are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted without extensive research and training.

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97 and counting

Rolf is one cool dude.  I had the pleasure of seeing him suspend down in Dallas during suscon, and since then he’s gone on to suspend several more times all over the world.  Taking a look at his IAM page you can see just how incredible his suspension journey has been, and he certainly shows no signs of slowing down.  Here he is during his 96th suspension, a 6pt coma, that he did while in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Karma Coma


Looking back through the ModBlog archives there haven’t been a lot of coma suspensions featured.  Perhaps because it is similar to the resurrection, or it just isn’t as common as other types of suspensions.  This image is one of a couple that were sent in anonymously, the rest can be seen in the coma suspension gallery.  This is one of those images that shows off just how much better a suspension can be for a person when it’s moved outdoors.  Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone, but it does seem that out in the woods or in a field the calming effect that nature has on many people is heightened by the suspension.  The two work in tandem, balancing the physical aspects of the suspension with the meditative.  The fact that it also provides for some really cool pictures is also a big plus.

A Bountiful Crop

Hot on the heels of this frame-worthy post from the good folks with Berlin, Germany’s Superfly Suspension, we’re quite pleased to publish yet another particularly striking shot from the crew. Sadly, we don’t have any other pictures to determine what the two hooks in this gentleman’s back are attached to, but if we were to hazard a guess, hmm, mistletoe? We’re going to say mistletoe.

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Kick From Inside

And here we have a fine photo of a coma suspension presided over/facilitated by Matthew Vermillion, he of Artistic Skin Designs, Inc., which has locations all over the damn place in scenic Indiana. With the vast amount of suspension photography that exists out there, it’s always nice to see interesting takes on things we’ve seen many times before. And this? We like this.

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Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Last week, we featured Robin‘s own coma suspension, and here we’ve got a set submitted by him of another attendee/suspendee from the same event, Concrete Jungle Tribe‘s Bloody Valentine’s Day in Malmo, Sweden. Another shot, after the jump.

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I’ve Got the Bones on the Mast

As ubiquitous as some find suspensions these days, one thing that typically stands out to me is, to a person, how calm those suspending always seem, and how peaceful the process always comes across as being — with the one exception being coma suspensions. Which isn’t a knock on them; aesthetically, coma suspensions are some of my favorites, but they just seem inherently more chaotic in photos, don’t they? Either way, I really love this series of Robin suspending with the help of Concrete Jungle Tribe in Malmo, Sweden. More shots, after the jump.

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