Orbits within orbits

I might not normally post such a “simple piercing” (which this isn’t), but I’m on a science-high when it comes to the word “orbit-anything” after reading a few days ago that a whole slew of new extra-solar planets have been discovered, at least a dozen of them in the habitable zone of the stars they rotate around. This most recent set is a mix of super-earths (rocky planets like the Earth, but a little larger) and small gas giants (which could easily have moons capable of supporting life). One of the many things that makes me want to live as absolutely long as possible is all the new extrasolar planets we’re discovering, and the new space telescopes we’re putting up capable of imaging them — capable of actually taking pictures of planets around other stars. Eventually we will find one with the telltale nighttime energy use, like when you look at the Earth at night from space. I am 100% certain that intelligent alien life will be confirmed (if not communicated with) in my daughter’s lifetime, and that it will be on a large scale.

BUT GETTING BACK TO THIS PIERCING… This is a just wonderful placement of a nested pair of orbitals in a helix done by Shaun Benesh of Primo Ink in Grand Rapids, MN. For any piercers or technique obsessed readers, He adds that in an ideal world he would have placed the rings a little higher up the ear, but she had some giant blood vessels that he had to avoid. Shaun gave this client one of those piercings that sits in a wonderful niche — “safe” enough for the mainstream office, but something that will still “wow” piercing fans.


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2 thoughts on “Orbits within orbits

  1. I personally think that aesthetically the placement is perfectly lovely. I am not a piercer, so the technique of this style is beyond me, but my eyes are pleased, very much so!

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