One Hook Day

A few days ago (Aug 25th) the #Leeds Airlines (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Flying Pigs (Tallinn, Estonia) suspension teams grouped up to host a One Hook Day event.  They set up shop in an abandoned warehouse in St. Petersburg, with only one rule; all suspensions can only use one hook.  Now single point suspensions aren’t anything new, but they’re still rare enough that you don’t see them very often.  Part of the reason why they’re not as popular as other suspensions is that they’re incredibly intense suspensions, both physically and mentally.  They’re definitely not something a first time suspendee would be recommended to try, and often it’s veterans who seek them out.

Now the suspension you’re seeing below is a pair of single point suspensions, but you’ll notice that the hook is off center.  The reason is that this is actually what Arseniy called a “1pt shift-suicide”.  From what I can tell it appears that the two guys suspending are pierced off-center, but by joining hands their weight is shifted enough for everything to balance out.  So not only are these guys participating in an intense suspension, they’re doing it together.  Without the other person, the weight would be off center and could become uncomfortable, but by linking together they’re forging a bond that no other source could even hope to accomplish.  I can’t even begin to describe what it would have been like for the two of them, but knowing how emotionally and physically taxing suspensions can be, it’s safe to assume that this is something they’ll remember for a long time.


Keep an eye on the #Leeds Airlines gallery for more photos from One Hook Day.

2 thoughts on “One Hook Day

  1. Having done a centered and off centre suicide suspension, the off centre is much more comfortable.

  2. I can second San’s statement there. With ‘centered’ one-hook back suspensions the hook needs to be placed close to the spine, which is generally regarded as not ideal.

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