Challenge Accepted!

When it comes to suspension hooks, gilson hooks are known for being pretty damn tough.  Of course if you put one in front of Supa and tell him it’s a strong hook the first thing he’ll say is “challenge accepted!”  So with the help of his Kaptive8 Suspension Krew family, Supa went balls to the wall and did everything he could to break one.

Here’s how the hook looked when Supa was finally finished with it.

What’s important to note here is that 99.9% of suspensions won’t actually involve the amount of stress that Supa put on the hook here.  You can also see that even with Supa trying for a hook failure, he was only able to bend it, not break it.  You can see more of Supa’s efforts to break the gilson in the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew gallery.

One Hook Day

A few days ago (Aug 25th) the #Leeds Airlines (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Flying Pigs (Tallinn, Estonia) suspension teams grouped up to host a One Hook Day event.  They set up shop in an abandoned warehouse in St. Petersburg, with only one rule; all suspensions can only use one hook.  Now single point suspensions aren’t anything new, but they’re still rare enough that you don’t see them very often.  Part of the reason why they’re not as popular as other suspensions is that they’re incredibly intense suspensions, both physically and mentally.  They’re definitely not something a first time suspendee would be recommended to try, and often it’s veterans who seek them out.

Now the suspension you’re seeing below is a pair of single point suspensions, but you’ll notice that the hook is off center.  The reason is that this is actually what Arseniy called a “1pt shift-suicide”.  From what I can tell it appears that the two guys suspending are pierced off-center, but by joining hands their weight is shifted enough for everything to balance out.  So not only are these guys participating in an intense suspension, they’re doing it together.  Without the other person, the weight would be off center and could become uncomfortable, but by linking together they’re forging a bond that no other source could even hope to accomplish.  I can’t even begin to describe what it would have been like for the two of them, but knowing how emotionally and physically taxing suspensions can be, it’s safe to assume that this is something they’ll remember for a long time.


Keep an eye on the #Leeds Airlines gallery for more photos from One Hook Day.

Teamwork gets it done

In an effort to keep trying new and different things, The Sinner Team put together this triple tandem suspension.

Here’s the breakdown of the hook placements.  On top is an 8 point knee(?) suspension, although the hooks start at his knees and move up his thigh.  From there he has 6 hooks in his chest, and another 6 in his back to hold up the square rigging plate.  On the bottom is a single point chest, and a 4 point resurrection.  According to the description given, the extra hooks on the top were there to relieve the pressure on the spine, which was an issue with earlier tandem suspensions.

And here is the team that put it all together.

As always, The Sinner Team documented everything, and you can check out all the steps involved in the team portfolio gallery.

Risk vs Reward

When it comes to modifications, there is always an element of risk involved.  Obviously with some there is more risk than others.  Piercings can reject, tattoos can fallout, scars can get infected, the list goes on.  These of course are all “what ifs”, but the potential for problems are present with every one.  When it comes to the world of suspensions, the risks are higher, but the rewards can be greater.  With people pushing the limits of suspensions all over the world, it’s important to remember to be safe.  There are a number of resources and organizations dedicated to promoting safe practices when it comes to all types of suspensions.

Now with that all said, there are times when things may be set up safely, but if the suspension is inherently a risky one the potential for something to go wrong is still heightened.  Heck, even when everything is set up perfectly for a suspension that would be considered “easy” by practitioners, that doesn’t mean the element of danger isn’t present and things should be monitored closely.

In the following pictures you’ll see The J-3-D performing one of the riskiest suspensions, the single point elbow suspension.  I’ve gotten in touch with members of the suspension community that assured me that while everything is good with the rigging, this type of suspension is extremely dangerous to do, and should not be attempted unless there are a number of experts present.  So have a look at these images to see exactly why this suspension is so risky.


The rest of the images you can see by clicking the “read more” button.

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A conversation with BME’s punk rock anti-hero, perk900

For all the people who have attacked me, for not featuring enough man meat on Modblog, I am proud to present Brian (IAM: perk900).

After we had our initial conversation on Skype, we messaged back and forth a bit on IAM to finalize some things. When I asked him if there was any last minute information he wanted me to include he humbly replied :

“That my dick is huge and that you can see it from space.”

And that my friends, is good enough for me.

Sure, there are  naked pictures on his IAM page, that would make his penis seem not quite visible by space, but until he post erect pictures we will have to assume he is indeed a grower and not a shower.

Little known fact, Brian is the Chuck Norris of BME.


On a serious note, Brian is amongst the nicest and  most genuine people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He has been a long time active BME member, and a top image contributor since 2003. He has also, busted his ass year after year putting on one of the most fun BME social events, Bowling With Weirdos.

Shawn Porter has this to say about Brian:

“Brian has been one of my best friends for going on a decade. The Dr. Gonzo to my Raoul Duke, if you will; the Ricky to my Lucy, the moral compass that always points to do it if it’s funny, don’t worry, well clean up the mess and more.”

For the full length, uncensored (and barely edited) look into the man behind the ballhair…. keep reading.

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As We Two Are One

And finally, fair ModBloggers, let’s end on this single-point forearm suspension courtesy of Brian Wood at Liberty Tattoo Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who last submitted this handsome scarification piece. We suspect this was not a particularly lengthy suspension, but hey, this gentleman stayed up long enough to get a picture off at least, potentially impending arm-related doom notwithstanding. And while you all go off to bed, just remember that there are folks out there risking life and limb not just for their edification, but for yours, too.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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And That’d be a Single-Point Resurrection Suspension

As suspensions become increasingly popular, almost ubiquitous, it’s becoming more difficult to execute a performance involving an act that involves something that has never been seen before. Now, I don’t know if this is the first time a single-point resurrection suspension has been done successfully, but hot holy damn, it is awfully impressive nonetheless. More shots of Damien, after the jump.

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