An eclectic mix

Joeltron isn’t the only one out there making custom jewelry for his clients.  Richard Ivey also has been making small pieces to go into ears.  Below you can see a custom bent industrial, in addition to the rest of the piercings, including the surface one next to the ear.

If you’re looking to get one of those little hearts for yourself, look no further than the BMEShop.

One thought on “An eclectic mix

  1. love those hearts, when the wife gets a new piercing or two I’ll have to put those in her christmas stocking 🙂 I personally found that the straight industrial bar put too much pressure on my piercing and actually started to cut a line into my ear, it was a real mess, the initial bar was too short, even though I told the shop, look if you don’t have the supplies, I will come back when you do… they assured me that pretty much putting a tongue ring in my ear was totally legit, and after not being able to sleep for a couple weeks and an infection I thought I’d retire it, but I put in 2 seperate captive bead rings and everything was better, about 3 months later I got a wavy bar just to try and never had a problem again. I can only imagine how much more comfortable something shaped for your own body’s contours would feel.

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