Working Together

We’ve seen quite a few collaborative scarification pieces on ModBlog in the past.  In fact we see quite a large number of collaborations when you take into account tattoos, and body piercing.  However, what we often neglect to focus on is the collaboration between the artist and the client.  With the exception of DIY modifications, pretty much everything we do is a collaboration of some kind.  Be it something as simple as discussing the subject matter of a tattoo, or something as complex as rigging up an elaborate multi-person suspension with a team, it all requires cooperation.

It’s part of what makes our community so close, as well as unique.  We share our stories with others, and when it comes time to change ourselves we put trust in another individual to have our visions come to fruition.  Take this scarification by Misty Forsberg from Southtown Tattoo and Body Piercing in Fort Smith, AR.  Now Misty was the person who did the cutting, but it was Justin (from Rise or Die Tattoo in Fayetteville, Arkansas) who designed the image, making this piece a collaboration between the two artists.

So remember, it’s the trust between the artist and the client that bonds this community together, and makes each and every piece a collaboration of some form or another.

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