Tattooed Starfish Implant

A while back (in February) Kayla VanFleet had Shawn O’Hare implant one of Steve Haworth’s starfish-shaped implants in the top of her hand. Now that it’s well healed, she had it tattooed by Kenny Morris last week, and wow, that really tops it off beautifully. Of course some implants stand nicely on their own, but in a great many cases implants — and hands are a good example — can look like out-of-place lumps. Interesting and unique, certainly, but not particularly connected to the person’s overall anatomy. Kayla’s tattooed implant is a great example of using tattoo augmentation to make an implant so much more of a contributing part of the whole — compare the difference between how it looks now to how it looked before getting tattooed and I think you’ll agree what a good decision this was.



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