Joy Division Backpiece c/o Thomas Hooper

In random browsing I came across this stunning Joy Division tattoo, and since like most things on the Internet it was uncredited it took me some searching before I even knew if it was a real tattoo or a photoshop job, which was my first assumption because it’s just so incredibly bold. I was happy to discover that it was the work of Thomas Hooper ( of Saved Tattoo ( in Brooklyn.


By the way, if you like that, check out this Joy Division cutting posted last year.

As stunning as this piece is — it’s a beautiful example of graphic design — but not really something that pushed him technically or artistically as a tattooist. His custom work is so top-notch that I thought he deserved proper coverage, so here is a small selection of some of my favorite pieces he’s created. Visit his websites for more. I know I’ve said this to death, but wow, the talent pool that’s out there in the tattoo world these days is unbelievable. I could feature a new artist every single day for the next year and only have scraped the tip of the iceberg. Glad to have discovered today’s polar bear.

3 thoughts on “Joy Division Backpiece c/o Thomas Hooper

  1. I love these. I saved a few of them for references. I’ve been designing a piece for myself, and these have a lot of the elements I want. Don’t worry I’m not a copy cat thoo. 🙂

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