Black-Eyed Spider Goddess

Rob featured Marilyn when Emilio Gonzalez ( first did her spider implant, which you can see on her forehead in these shots, but I wanted to update you with not just some new pictures but also because he’s also tattooed her eye black (just getting ready for a crime spree I assume). You’ll also notice that she’s had her ear rebuilt, with the helix pointed and the lobe removed. One of the things that I love about Marilyn is the dichotomy in her appearance — if you see her from her right, you won’t see either her implant or her tattooed eyeball, and if her hair is covering her ear you might convince yourself that she’s your average glamorous beautiful plainskin woman, but if you view her from the other side, she’s still just as glamorous and beautiful, but now heavily modified as well.

marilyn1t marilyn2t marilyn3t

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3 thoughts on “Black-Eyed Spider Goddess

  1. How funny, I never realized what I actually wanted from life was to marry a girl with a black eye.

    (No, seriously: she is stunning).

  2. I’m not someone to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do – they’re her eyes and she can do what she wants.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to someone who’s done this to their eyes. I think it’s the same way that I don’t feel comfortable talking to someone who refuses to take their sunglasses off (rude) or who covers their face for religious reasons.

    I’m not spiritual but I put a lot of weight on eyes being “the windows to the soul”. Some people will say “well that’s your problem then” and that’s fine but I can’t imagine staring into my girlfriend’s eyes and seeing nothing but black. To each their own etc

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