Operation: Hooks fer Christ

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while, just waiting for the go-ahead from Kcir to post them, and that day is today! What you’re seeing is Kcir and a friend doing a pull on the lawn of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.  To those of you not familiar with the church, they’re a family of lawyers that run their own church.  They’ve made a name for themselves by protesting the funerals of men and women who have lost their lives on duty in the military, by holding up offensive and extremely homophobic signs.  Basically they’re a sick bunch of attention seekers that are trying as hard as they can to piss off everybody.

Well, Kcir and his friends decided to have a little fun at their expense by doing this pull on the lawn of the church, and ending it with a sloppy wet kiss.  It’s important to note that they aren’t doing this to protest any religion, but rather the actions of a bunch of sick and twisted individuals.  Here’s a bit of what Kcir had to say about his motivations:

i have big beef with these guys for exactly what we’re going to keep them from doing. protesting soldier’s funerals. most of their other targets can fight back. i have a lot of dead soldiers in my family. almost every member of my dad’s side of the family up to me has been a soldier. they’ve fought and bled for this country and now i feel i should step up for them since they can’t. i don’t agree with the wars, the armies, any of it. but i love the troops who fight with my safety in mind. every one of them that falls is one less person willing to give up their life for us. i owe the same peace of mind i enjoy to the families those soldiers live behind.

Kcir and his team have more planned for the coming weeks, however due to the nature of their activities I won’t be announcing those plans just yet.  It’s not that they’ll be doing anything illegal, but secrecy is key.  Just know that when it does happen, ModBlog will be here to bring you all the glorious details.

That’s Kcir on the left, and the sign he’s holding says “Hookin’ fer Christ“.

8 thoughts on “Operation: Hooks fer Christ

  1. hahahaha. you couldn’t imagine the horrible sewage smell that wafted through the air right before we kissed….i don’t know if it was the church or an actual sewer, but we both almost threw up into each other’s mouths.

  2. It should be added to what Rob mentioned about them being a family of lawyers that a solid case can be made that they’re not actually religious in the way they claim — that it’s all just a big con game so that they can piss people off with their bullshit, get stopped by decent people, and then they get rich by suing everyone for “violating their rights”. They’re a disgusting bunch. As amusing as this is, part of me thinks it’s better to just ignore them, because they are very much in the “any press is good press” category… Always let people know what their con is. It’s important to understand this is how they make their money — and that’s what it’s about, money, not faith.

  3. well shannon, you hit the monkey on the nose with that ball. best way to put out a fire? take away it’s oxygen. make every scene they make minute to the scene you make RIGHT NEXT TO IT. and do it on the positive.

  4. i’ve had a ‘dont feed the trolls’ mindset about that organization from near the first time i ever heard of them… that’s all they are, real life versions of interweb trolls….

    either way…
    religious organizations are corporations anyway, whether they want to admit it or not….

    I’m lookin at you scientology……

  5. it’s not related to our protest in the least, but please take a moment to read this article about my little brown brother ribble. if you’re in the suspension community you probably know him and what happened to this bubbly little bastard. if not, the article explains his situation better than i can. if you have a few bucks you can spare to a very well loved man and a deserving cause please donate to his fund.


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