Inverted Forehead Pull

I’ve posted some beautiful tripod beach suspensions from the 8th Italian Suscon, but it was such an incredible gathering of talented and inspired individuals that I’m sure you know, even if you haven’t done much gallery browsing, that there were many amazing suspensions that happened.

One that really stood out to me was Alice Tancredi and a recent but dear friend, Martini Col Bivio, did together. There are two main ways to do a multi-person suspension (not including lifts) — tandem suspension, where one person hangs from another, or a suspended pulling, where people suspend separately, and are then connected by separate flesh hooks and ropes. This is what Alice and her friend did. They both did an inverted seated suspension, already an unusual setup, and then connected to each other with a forehead pull. I’ve done forehead pulls, so I was able to relate to the unique experience they offer — you can really get pulled into the other person’s psyche and even though you’re in public, it can become a very private event.



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  1. Inverted lotus seems to be the suspension of the year – I’ve seen so many of them being done, it’s incredible!

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