Tattoo healing failure, fixed

David Newman-Stump, owner and artist at Skeleton Crew Tattoo ( in Columbus, IN, sent me in some photos to help out in my mission to show people what they should expect from tattoo healing (mostly brought on by this entry). The previous post I made showed color tattoo healing, but this one is black and grey shading.

The picture on the left is how the tattoo healed after being done by a generally talented and respected artist with a solid clientele. Fresh it probably looked great — I imagine quite similar to how it appears in the middle photo. Unfortunately tit didn’t heal well, and the client was left with an undefined, faded ghostly tattoo. Thankfully there was nothing wrong with the fundamental shape of the tattoo so it wasn’t terribly challenging for David to go over the tattoo and put the ink in properly. However, if I left you with just his fresh tattoo, not only would I be misleading you about what a tattoo looks like, but you’d also have no way of knowing that the same thing didn’t happen again. So four months later — completely healed — the picture on the right was taken. Now, it is true that a tattoo will continue to degrade from sun damage and skin aging over the lifetime of the wearer, 90% of the change happens in the first month, so this client can be secure in the joy that their tattoo has been successfully repaired.

You should definitely click and zoom to take a better look at the details.


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One thought on “Tattoo healing failure, fixed

  1. Tattoos always fade a bit when healed.
    Perfect example = Japanese style tattoos, epseically when u look at the backgrounds like the water/waves and clouds.
    They’ll be dark grey/black with red/brown underneath, and when healed they’re perfectly shaded and fade out nicely …
    Customers need to realize that tattoos can look great if you go to the right artist offcourse and if you check out there portfolio to know what the artist masters and what his least better style is …
    Coloured tattoos maybe wont stay bright , but yellow is supposed to look yellow and red is supposed to be red …

    This tattoo is perfect example that artists can make tattoos that heal perfectly , and get the right colourbalance when healed …

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