High Nasallang

Here’s another one of those extremely, extremely rare ultra-unusual piercings that always make my day when I wake up to seeing them. I can’t imagine how much force it must have taken to push the needle or punch through the big hunk of cartilage that makes up that portion of the nose — it’s a very imposing. The high nasallang piercing was done by Gabriele of Max Art in Italy (who I’m sure you know best from the SkinTunnel procedure), to accompany the existing nasallang and bridge piercings. Unfortunately it is unlikely that any more piercings between the bridge and the high nasallang could be done due to the anatomy, although they could be faked with microdermals.


One thought on “High Nasallang

  1. Very cool. But, my nose is kinda hurting thinking about the strength it would take to get that thru this part of the nose. I remember my eyes watering when I got my septum and nostril done. I can’t imagine.

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