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This past Friday J.C. of Pangea Piercing just posted the latest The Modified World videocast show, this week talking about things like fossil, bone, horn, and amber body jewelry — organic body jewelry other than wood. As always, a wonderful introduction to and in-depth discussion of the subject from J.C.’s encyclopedic love of all things bodmod for the piercing geek — and always great “educated consumer” information as well, protecting you from the many scams floating about in what has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s about nine minutes of meat (11:11 total), and this video gets into more depth than the wood jewelry one did and it was quite enjoyable — and a superb advertisement for Pangea’s enticing selection of jewelry.

I’m just terrible about regularly promoting things, so I should mention that last week J.C. interviews and does some work for Alexis Brown of the band “Straight Line Stitch”. Fans of either The Modified World or Straight Line Stitch will enjoy this. Here’s the link:, although if you only have time for one of these two, the one on jewelry above was more to my liking.

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  1. hey bme people!

    i know this is not a forum, but many comments sections become very informative when the right question is asked. so if you’ll pardon me, I have a question about making my own jewelery. i’v made a couple plugs out of tagua nuts, very crude and i my shed, but it was fun! The other day i was visiting at mom&dad’s farm in saskatchewan, and dad gave me half a rack of white tail deer antler that he had found stuck into the tire of his combine. would a material like this have potential to use as jewelry? any one know where a person could look to find info on preparing a material so i can make something rad and homemade and not some disease trap that will give me worms in my fistula and make my ears rot off?

    props to JC his collection looks superb.

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