When life gives you keloids, make eyeballs

I think that’s how the old expression goes, right?

Ighlif Rendina, owner and piercer at H.F. Body Art in Turin, Italy, had a customer who’d previously gotten a transdermal implant. The transdermal itself did alright, but in time, a large unsightly scar built up over the insertion incision. The microdermal was removed, and the scar reworked using a combination of cutting and cautery branding. The insertion scar became the pupil of the eye, and the scar that formed in the transdermal scar was covered up by the bottom line of the eye. In the picture where you can see the entire eye, it’s quite fresh, about two months after being done, and the picture where it’s partially covered by clothing is current, showing the piece at almost two years old.

3 thoughts on “When life gives you keloids, make eyeballs

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! THANK YOU for posting a fully healed scarification. I am constantly explaining to people how much the initial redness goes away, and this is perfect example.

    Beautiful healed product 🙂

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