Another Alien Ear / Earlobe Location

You may recall that a while back I posted a picture of Sao Paulo-based Mary Jo’s intense red-ink eyeball tattoos (which I’m happy to say have been completely trouble-free to date), but you may not know that she’s not just a body modification enthusiast but a practitioner as well. After seeing Nic’s earlobe relocation, she performed a similar procedure on her husband Jefferson Saint (whose black eyes I’ve posted in the past so you may recognize him as well). The procedure was the same — opening the end of the “earlobe worm” and attaching it to a de-skinned point on the neck.


I’m glad to see this being explored, because if it can be shown to work consistently, it has the potential of snowballing out into a myriad of new procedures — and I can’t wait to see procedures like this combined with ear pointing to really give an alien appearance! The sticking point may be that even when the skin heals together and bonds visually, that the connection may be quite superficial — Nic warned that in the case of his that even though he’s had it for over a decade, it’s unable to handle stretching.


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