Father-Son “Tandem” Suspension

Third Eye Perception Suspension (ThirdEyePerception.com) just hosted a touching tandem suspension for their good friend Joey, who has been with the team since their “very rocky start”, and who recently become father to a bouncing baby boy… “Bouncing”, literally, loving bobbing up and down in his jumper, so they wanted to set up a suspension for Joey and his son, combining their overlapping loves of suspension. Third Eye tells me,

“We rigged Joey into a modified face down suspension so that he could see his child and hold him while suspending, and everything went as amazing as could be. It was very emotional, and we all enjoyed seeing Joey lecture his little toddler as to not rushing into getting any tattoos or piercings until he was good and ready. Little Ward smiled the entire time and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself, as you can see from the other photos, he was smiling the entire time and seemed to really enjoy getting some air while attached to his father.”

“The adorable climax was when after detaching Ward from Joey, he fell right asleep with the most adorable smile on his face.”

Joey (and Ward’s mother as well) both have “straight-world jobs” and are completely dedicated parents who “have given the entirety of themselves into making sure Ward is loved and cared for from the moment he wakes up”, but unsurprisingly they still got feedback on this suspension telling them that it was “child abuse” (among other criticisms). The unfortunate reality is that there have been multiple cases where suspension and body modification interests have played a role in causing people to lose their children, usually in the case of things like this being used as ammunition in bitter divorces by one parent against another. It’s sad for there to be any criticism of something like this suspension, beautiful from the conception, to the realization, to the epilogue.

There are more pictures after the break (and I should add that Joey’s scars on his shoulder blades were done by Pineapple of Shaman Modifications in Austin, Texas). If you have the bandwidth, enjoy the video in fullscreen, as it’s been posted at HD quality.





10 thoughts on “Father-Son “Tandem” Suspension

  1. A beautiful moment that will no doubt be a cherished memory. Hopefully any negative comments won’t tarnish the memory.

  2. I absoloutely love this Jason, I love the moments of joy you capture, it’s beautiful in so many ways.

  3. My son had that exact same jumper. I had taken him with me to see my first suspension when he was about that age. I lost him about 6 months ago. Seeing this made me tear up. Thank you for this share.

  4. I watched it and firstly the guy wasn’t going anywhere, he was in there pretty securely, and the kid was never more than a foot off the ground, let me tell you that my father had built my brother and I make shift swing sets in the woods a lot less secure. The kid didn’t seem scared they probably just thought it was a little ride with their dad, I’m the first to jump on abuse but kids are pretty resilient and I didn’t see any neglect or malice here. My dad used to put my brother and I on the roof for funny photo ops. It doesn’t mean we were up there longer than it took to feel close to our dads and get a picture of it and a story to tell kids at school, we made it sound like we were there all afternoon instead of up and down the ladder with his hand around us the whole time but it felt like a real moment to us. The fact that the guy has piercings/tattoos make him a threat to the child from the get go to most people anyway. There’s a lot of bias and prejudice against the modded community but I think diversity is key.

  5. This is sooooo fucking adorable. Child abuse?!? Some people are utterly ridiculous. Love this photo.

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