Atypical Facial Tattoos

Facial modifications are probably my favorite kind of body mod — and facial tattoos my favorite kind of tattoo — because they are by far the most aggressive way of pushing the an individual’s personal sense of who they want to be into the social reality. And inside facial tattoos, there are a million different ways of a person expressing themselves, but what I find especially interesting is when the individual does it in a way that breaks the normal rules of tattooing, drawing from outside it’s normal lexicon, or making decisions that are not the most obviously aesthetically acceptable. In this entry I wanted to show a few people who I think have done fascinating things with the way they’ve chosen to recreate themselves.

First is the amazing Rene van Assema (here with Debbie von B), who’s psychedelic facial work has been featured before:


Next another old BME friend, Jason Sand (who’s currently exploring the world on foot — contact him to get involved in a great project).


Another interesting facial tattoo is on Las Vegas’s Kirtus Blue:


Speaking of Blue, there’s Australia’s Paul Bluey:


I could go on forever, and I think I shall in a future post, but I’ll finish for now with Anthony Green of Cholet, France:


2 thoughts on “Atypical Facial Tattoos

  1. I like very much Kirtus Blue vivid colors, but it’s too bad the line work is poorly drawn, especially on the cogs.

    I like when the lower part of the face is fully inked, like Jason Sand’s one and also Pauly Unstoppable. It looks great and looks like a mask.

  2. I thought the cogs and the whole piece was more whimsically drawn and not exacting. Part of what I really like about it.

    I’ve always loved Jason Sand’s facial tattoos and have loved their progression. The pics from your interview with him provided a DIY evolution line 🙂

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