Eyeball Tattoo Interview, Five Years Later

Before Howie (lunacobra.net) finished my eye tattoos back in October 2012, a bit over five years after doing the first set of eye tattoos on July 1, 2007 of which mine was one of them along with Pauly Unstoppable and the late Josh Rahn, we did a quick off-the-cuff interview that I think is actually very much worth watching. That first procedure (inspired in part by Rachel’s “jeweleye” corneal implant procedure [video]) was of course the genesis of the eyeball tattoo movement — without that first step, the entire eyeball tattoo concept likely would not exist. I think this video turned out extremely well, probably because we’d just finished writing the first version of the eyeball tattoo FAQ the day before and it was fresh on our mind. Follow the links in this post for lots more information by the way.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video, feel free to share it!

6 thoughts on “Eyeball Tattoo Interview, Five Years Later

  1. “Corneal implant” is incorrect terminology. The implant is placed under the conjunctiva on top of the sclera. Any implant on or inside of the cornea would definitely cause blindness and irreparable damage. Subconjunctival implant is what I would have called it.

  2. Hey Shannon unless I’m mistakes I remember you writing about some prison inmates who “perfected” the technique (thhe photo one had black and one had red), is there any mire news about them? And no dissrespect intended but was that before or after you, Paulie and all did theirs? Either way your the man for discovering and pushing it global. Respect

  3. I have always wondered what you and howies voices would sound like now I know and when I read your posts I can but a voice to it

  4. I really enjoyed that interview. Thanks for sharing. Interesting to know that the jewel implant is what inspired you as well.

  5. Hi this is Tom. I am looking for somone or somewhere to do the eyeball tattoo procedure on me. I have wanted it done for years but never found anywhere. Any info would be really appriciated. In the UK would be preferable. Thanks

  6. This is for tom. The good news is Its done in central london in a studio by a piercer. email me at jason_leo @ hotmail.co.uk for the specifics. The bad news is it £400 per eye. I am also seriously considering it although it will create an issue at my work. .message me i will give you the details and i would like to come with you when you get yours

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