Call for actors

I was sent this request looking for people to appear in a music video. As we always do, I’m posting this request here for anyone who might be interested in taking part.

Good morning,

My name is Jonathan Cozzo, I’m working for a music video production company called Prettybird and we are currently organizing the making of a music video for a major American singer. We are actually looking for people with African scarifications or scars (from wounds for instance) and people with tattoos (of words or sentences) to appear as actors in that video and I was hoping you could help me on this subject.

To give you more details, we’d like several dark-skinned persons with either scarifications on their body and/or face or tattoos (words or complete sentences) to participate in a video shoot next week, on Thursday the 9th. Their participation will of course be paid and expanses covered.

Thank you for your time and help,

One thought on “Call for actors

  1. Well its excellent news that they will be covering peoples expanses. No one likes to have their expanses hanging out for the world to see.

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