Stay Calm Update

This is an update about the Stay Calm event posted below.  Can’t be there in person?  Read on.

What I’d like for you folks who can’t make it to do, if you still want to be here in spirit… is to record a short video talking about your connection to Shannon and the IAM/BME Community. How it’s affected your life. Met a spouse? Had a baby? Traveled to Mexico for BMEFest and used a swimming pool as a gravity bong?

Tell your story!

Then either upload it to YOUTUBE (tagged staycalmbme) or get a account and link me. We’re going edit them together and put them online; shared here on SCPhilly as well as BME. There are some great stories out there; sweet, funny, raunchy… let’s not let them be forgotten.

Oh. Did you guys like the STAY CALM Hand Screened print that Johnny Thief designed for us? Well get this! If you submit a video to the THANK YOU SHANNON! Project- your name goes into a drawing to have one sent to you on us! They’re available exclusively to attendees of the memorial, so you’ll be the coolest kid on your block!

Once you’ve got it online, email [email protected] with the youtube or dropbox link and you’ll be set.

OH! This is really important. All submitted videos must be shot “properly”.

Videos should be under five minutes, 720dpi or higher if possible, m4v or mov format.

You can read the full post by going here.

We here at BME would really love it if you submitted the videos to BME as well. Please do share your memories of Shannon, whether they be photos, a video or if you want to write up a story or memorial, or anything really, about him. You can submit content via your BME account or by sending it to [email protected]. If you run into any problems at all please email BME support for help.

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