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  1. I was gonna ask about these on ask bme but by the looks of it they don’t post anymore? I was curious as to how you clean large gauge deep chest piercings at first, I can’t imagine they’re easy to take out and put back in for quite a while, don’t they build up dirt like ear cheese from large stretched ears? I’m very interested in deep chest piercings but I can’t find much information. These look great

  2. Hey Rem, I just caught this post so sorry for the delay. In the three years I’ve been piercing I’ve never been asked about deep chest stuff personally and I don’t have much experience with it. However a modification artist who is more experienced with “harder” things like this could probably help you out. I’m not sure where you’re located but you could try http://411.bme.com/ to see if perhaps there is a studio that offers this near you. Good luck and happy modding!

  3. I am wearing quite some large piercings. The rinsing / cleaning is definitely a problem. Inside, the Body does a lot by himself, but the longer a piercing is, the bigger the problem. After 10 years I had to give up my biceps chains due to that (infecting, sore). With my back piercings it’s OK, but to be happy they need really care: To remove sheeted skin products, massageing, pushing, pulling is necesarry. As they are healed and intended to do suspensions I can do that painfree and pretty rude. Failing to do –> accululations of rotting skin remants –> bacteria breaking the healthy Skin tunnel –> infection –> rejection (there are many ways to rejection, but this is the really avoidable one). So torough cleaning pays off. This procedure is not very comfortably with a fresh piercing, but helping the Body to ged rid of wound secrets, pus or sheeted cells… pays off. Thereby: diameter helps – length disturbs. The large Diameter may do the Job here… What weems to be more critical: relatively flat angel piercing entry… With piercings requireing several years to heal. I’m always puzzled if that jewelry is really the best one to heal (or very large surface bars might be better)

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