Slice N’ Dice

Thanks to our buddy wyrd for submitting this photo of his stomach cutting! Always nice to see the dedicated BME lifers out there!


Scarification by Gábor Zagyvai in Budapest, Hungary

This also reminds me why I’ve always liked the look of slightly “weathered” looking black work tattoos after reading this old post. A little texture really makes things feel organic sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “Slice N’ Dice

  1. Looks amazing! Anything special you’re looking for when submitting something ? I’m not heavily modified (stretched ears to a 0G , 1 dermal in my neck and one tattoo) but would love to contribute.

  2. ^ Just submit any and all photos to [email protected]. We’re happy to add to our already awesome galleries. I usually check through the new submissions and anything that stands out I throw up!

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