Achilles Piercing Revisited

When biggernostrils submitted this photo it made me realize that although ModBlog has thoroughly covered Achilles piercings in the past I very rarely see them crop up. It isn’t surprising to me as there are multitudes of potential complications including but not limited to things like healing times up to 10 years and well…shoes. All risks aside I cant say I have ever seen a double Achilles piercing.


I would be interested in getting a follow up on this so if you’re out there biggernostrils give us a little background!

To all of us picky piercing types out there I leave you with a quote that Shannon added to one of the first posts on this subject.

“Since there are some serious comprehension issues with this entry getting people even whinier, let me be perfectly clear: I couldn’t care less if a piercer feels that they don’t want to do this, and personally I don’t think this should be offered on the walk-in public. Where I have a problem is if people say that no one should be doing or getting this modification (or other heavy mods). Body modification is where it is today because people informed themselves about the risks and tried new things, often with what seemed like serious dangers at the time and when that ends, body modification begins to die.”

-Shannon Larratt 2008

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