7 thoughts on “Fine Dining?

  1. Dude… that doesn’t look healthy at all… Look at those colors. Look at the family jewels, freaking inflamated. By all means, I’m sure not a “pro” about splitting as I don’t even have a dick. But JESUS

  2. Pretty sure that’s tattooed. I really hope that’s tattooed…Also balls look really swollen but then again I don’t know what he gets up to in his spare time lol. Hope its not a medical issue though…

  3. Kokomi is a long-time submitter and has his own gallery in BME Hard.

    The colouring you are seeing is not tattooed but it is some kind of ink or dye. The “inflammation” you see is desired and not a permanent state.

    There’s nothing “unhealthy” about the photo and it is depicting sounding in the middle photo, not just a split penis.

  4. Love it! Had mine done just over a month ago. Really hope it heals as well as Kokomi’s. Hoping to split my sac next.

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