The King of All Navels?

My friend Steve has probably the most impressive navel I’ve personally seen. With his permission I’ll share the glory with all of you.



31mm of pure glory.

A navel this size also has its uses, especially during suspensions.

Steve3doneIf you were wondering what this looks like with no jewelry in, have a look.


13 thoughts on “The King of All Navels?

  1. Please dont let modbog die! I will maintain it if no one else will. Thats a serious offer, modblog was the first ever body piercing website I saw!

  2. The worst thing is people will see this and think that the BMEzine itself has passed on, as modblog tends to be the thing that google stumbles upon. People come here, have a read and get some information, but dont try to go deeper because on the surface it seems like the whole website is no longer maintained.

  3. what’s going on Btw? is Modblog still maintained or not… i’ve been waiting a new article for so long….

  4. Fuck, we need modblog alive!

    I don’t have any piecing or any tattoo, but check modblog was the first thing I did for many years before brushing my teeth.

    I really hope it will continue :-)

  5. it’s gonna suck if modblog dies I’ve checked this for years man. Surely there are more people willing to run it? I would if I had time

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