Rest In Peace: Adam Aries

It is with great sadness that I have to post that the BME community has lost an awesome, funny, brilliant and kind member. Last night, Adam Aries passed away in his sleep. Adam was like a brother to many. He touched hundreds if not thousands of people through his work with RoP as well as being a body piercer. Unfortunately we do not have any more details other than what I have posted. Please see the update at the bottom of the post regarding services.

Rest In Peace: Adam Aries

He will be missed.

March 24th Update:

Services for Adam will be held this Saturday March 26th.  1pm-3pm and 5pm-8pm

They will be held at the Davis Funeral Home: 1 Lock St.  Nashua, NH 03064

In addition where will also be a party held at ZuZu (where Adam worked) on April 2nd from 12pm to 4pm.

ZuZu is located on 474 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139

Rest In Peace: Melissa Knowles

I’m very sad to have to post that Melissa passed away. If you ever posted about having a rough time on your IAM page then chances are pretty good that Melissa sent you a message to make sure you were okay. Not only is she Jeff‘s mom but she took that role pretty seriously. She was always around to give advice, an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on to anyone and everyone who needed it.


On the Road Again!

February snuck up on me and I’m going to assume that Spring will do the same. That’s why it’s time to start planning for the upcoming BMEtv “season”. If you haven’t checked out the videos I’ve been publishing, head over to the BME World Tour video gallery and check out the videos that have been published to date. I’m hoping that now that we’ve been able to edit about 2-3 videos per week, I’ll be able to keep publishing them at the same rate so that I can start filming more interviews and videos.

While the only videos that have been edited so far are from Australia and New Zealand, I’ve already filmed a ton from Japan. Those will be edited next assuming I can find someone to translate the footage from Japanese to English. Any one who is looking to earn a little extra cash translating for BME, please contact us as soon as possible.

I’d also love some feedback on who YOU would like to see interviewed from Europe, which is the next leg on the tour. Post in the comments and let us know who your favorite artists are from Europe and who you’d like to see us talk to in the upcoming months. Once we cover a good portion of Europe, I’ll be heading back to the US of A and Canada to start talking to artists and members of the community here. So let me know who your favorite European tattooers, piercers, body modification artists and friends are so we can add them to our list.

BMEtv – Jennie McQuade

The BME tour stopped into Industrial Strength Australia and talked with a few of the staff there. One of them happens to be Jennie McQuade, Industrial Strengths Manager. A huge thank you goes out to Industrial Strength (USA) for being one of our tour sponsors. Without them, we couldn’t have been able to check out Australia, New Zealand and Japan!

To check out the interview, keep on reading.