On the Road Again!

February snuck up on me and I’m going to assume that Spring will do the same. That’s why it’s time to start planning for the upcoming BMEtv “season”. If you haven’t checked out the videos I’ve been publishing, head over to the BME World Tour video gallery and check out the videos that have been published to date. I’m hoping that now that we’ve been able to edit about 2-3 videos per week, I’ll be able to keep publishing them at the same rate so that I can start filming more interviews and videos.

While the only videos that have been edited so far are from Australia and New Zealand, I’ve already filmed a ton from Japan. Those will be edited next assuming I can find someone to translate the footage from Japanese to English. Any one who is looking to earn a little extra cash translating for BME, please contact us as soon as possible.

I’d also love some feedback on who YOU would like to see interviewed from Europe, which is the next leg on the tour. Post in the comments and let us know who your favorite artists are from Europe and who you’d like to see us talk to in the upcoming months. Once we cover a good portion of Europe, I’ll be heading back to the US of A and Canada to start talking to artists and members of the community here. So let me know who your favorite European tattooers, piercers, body modification artists and friends are so we can add them to our list.

21 thoughts on “On the Road Again!

  1. You should visit the girls at Area 55 Tattoos, in Dorset in the UK. Lorna and Vix do some awesome work. And its an all girl studio too.

  2. okay, someone tell me why i should try going to this? Im sort of tempted to go 2morrow. would have to catch a ride–i live in NYC.. Is this worth checking out, or should i wait until NYC one happens? whats the best way to approach enjoying yrself at a tatt convention anyway? i’ve just never been.

  3. In the UK, I’d go for Valerie Vargas who’s doing some amazing things. You might consider including Israel as part of the European tour too, in which case go for Snir Rosensal at Vision Tattoo.

  4. Jeffrey of Paradigm Bodyart, Arnhem, NL, he’s doing really good work and has got his own studio whilst still pretty young. Classic Ink & Mods/Dare 2 Wear, Amsterdam, terrific studios. Would be interested in Lucas of Pirate Piercing as well.

  5. If you do go to Israel I’m coming too! And I’m going to Kipod and getting Michael to tattoo me! I don’t speak Hebrew though so you’re out of luck there.

  6. Thank you guy for the great list. It will be a great starting point for us.

    I definitely want to include Israel. I was bummed that there were so many issues working against us during the tour. First the volcano erupted which even screwed up air travel in Australia because of flights originating in Europe but then there were the Bangkok riots and on top of that there were the protests and uproars going on in Greece.

    We will only have about 6 weeks max to film in Europe so we’re going to have to be a lot more strict with the time we’re spending in each city and keep it a lot tighter than when we did Australia/New Zealand. Japan was pretty nuts with scheduling starting at 8am and going until well after midnight every day. We only had 2 days off during the entire month long trip and those days were reserved for shooting B-roll. I didn’t even get to go to the temples because I had an MS flare from pushing myself so hard so I ended up sleeping for like 24 hours straight and missed all the stuff in Kyoto.

    At least I got to kind of see Mt. Fuji from the train! :)

    Do you guys like the videos that I’ve published so far? I have a lot more to come but I want to make sure that these are things that BME readers are enjoying. I’ve only published 22 of the interviews so far. I can’t believe I started this project back in November of 2009 with Trevor McStay as my first interview. I still need to get back home and find the list of everyone we interviewed. It’s well into the hundreds.

  7. Sakura Avalon at Old Town Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland is an awesome girl who is trying to convert the masses of Scotland to handpoking. She would be an awesome interviewee.

  8. Would be sweet to see these guys interviewed in europe:

    Filip Leu (switzerland)
    Mick Tattoo (switzerland)
    Uncle Allan (Denmark)
    Lars Uwe (Germany)

  9. the sinner team is out of moscow, right? they’re insane in a fun way and would probably make for a good interview.

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