BME Shop Spotlight

Oh, hello! Welcome to the inaugural installment of the BME Shop Spotlight, in which we’ll feature candid shots of you lovely people sporting the latest in BME shirts, jewelry, and, well, anything else that found its way out of BME Shop.

Today’s model is evilolive, who can be seen in the award-winning BME Unicorn T-shirt. You know what kinds of T-shirts have unicorns on them? The best kinds.

Thanks, evilolive! And to everyone else, don’t forget to send in your photos of yourselves decked out in BME gear!

P.S. From Rachel

The “final run designs” have been dropped to 5.99 to clear them out for the holidays so I can make room for new stock in the new year. You can get jackets for as low as 29.99 (if it says we don’t have it in stock, try to order it anyway), shorts for 15.99 and even the work shirts for 19.99. Regular tshirts range from 5.99 and up. The shop cache might take a couple minutes to reflect the new pricing on the main pages but the items themselves should be correct. Help me clear these items out!

Anyone ordering 10 shirts or more will get a free keychain.

I’ve also added a lot of supplies, new jewelry as well as a brand new accessory! BMEshop carries more than it ever has and will continue to grow with your support. Please post in the comments if there are things you guys want to see available.