BME Shop is having a sale!!

Been holding off on picking something up from the BME Shop?  Well wait no longer.  For a limited time everything is 30% OFF!  With the holidays fast approaching what better time than now to get some stocking stuffers like BME keychains.

Or maybe you need to stock up on supplies like play piercing needles?

The sale includes jewelry too, which could be a great gift for that special someone.

So act now because the sale could end at any time!

Just head on over to the BME Shop and use the promo code: 30offbme when you check out.

Shopping Kiwi Style

New Zealander Rotten_Dolly just sent in a photo of her wearing one of the older BME t-shirts.  Now while this shirt is no longer available, the BME shop still has a wide variety of clothing that is always being added to.  There are even a number of designs created by BME members.

Clothing isn’t the only thing you can get at the BME shop.  You can also get supplies for all your modification needs, dvds, books, art prints, and much more.  There’s even a jewelry section which just got a new line of Industrial Strength products in.

Huge BME Shop Sale Going On Right Now! 25% Off Almost Everything!

(Who I Am‘s Mrs. Who I Am)

Well holy crap, we’ll keep this one short because no list is necessary, but I’ve just been informed that BME Shop is currently having a 25%-off sale on everything in the store (except anesthetics), which is just silly. The promo code to enter is BMEsale— now just fill yer cart and go to town, friends.

Reminder: BME Shop Sale Ends Tonight!

I know we’ve reminded you lovely folks of this once or twice, but just in case you missed it or have been delaying the inevitable, but, one more time, the 20-percent-off damn-near-everything BME Shop sale that’s been going on all week ends tonight at midnight PST. Visit this link to see what kinda goodies we’re discounting, and then, when you’re checking out, type in the discount code bmelovesme to slash your prices. You won’t regret it! Trust me. Have I ever lied to you? (You don’t have to answer that.)

BME Shop Sale: 20% Off Jewelry, Gloves, Toys and More!

(And that’d be the lovely cadaver)

Well hot holy crap, it’s happening again—starting right this second, BME Shop is running another one of its patented 20-percent-off sales, and this time around it’s applied to so much stuff, we figured it’d be easier to just make a list:

- Almost all Kaos jewelry (minus select items)

- Gorilla Glass ornate jewelry and plugs

- All Mother of Pearl jewelry

- All ornate wood jewelry

- Almost all wood plugs

- All Little Seven stainless steel ornate jewelry

- All Reign Custom Design jewelry

- All BME Logo plugs

- All multi-gem eyelets

- All ornate water buffalo horn jewelry

- Latex gloves

- Dildos, vibrators, speculums, anal scopes, etc.

Whew! I think that’s more than enough from me. Go check out the goods, and then at checkout enter the discount code bmelovesme and receive your handsome 20 percent off. Awesome? Awesome. And remember, this sale starts right now and ends Thursday, July 16 at midnight PST. Don’t miss out!

New to BME Shop: Stone and Brass by Evolve!

Lordy lordy, is that pretty or what? That’s the Tibetan Agate round front stone plug by Evolve, and it’s just one of many brand new stone products freshly added to BME Shop. Truly beautiful stuff here, as if you needed me to tell you that. Check out some more pieces after the jump, but first:

We’ve also just upped our stock of Evolve’s ornate brass jewelry, including these Ancient Eye brass weights. Get some.

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BME News and Notes

Oh, hello! I know you’re all anxious to skip out of work early and starting shooting illegal fireworks at each other (I just stuck some Black Cats in your mailbox, actually), but first! Some quick BME-related announcements:

There is still time to buy fancy sex toys at a 15 percent discount from BMEshop. We mentioned this the other day, but, seeing as the sale ends Saturday at midnight, we just want to make sure you’re all filling your various holes appropriately. To recap, use the coupon code bmelovesme to get a sexy sex discount on sexy sex products like our Mother of Pearl, Latex Gloves and all three types of silicone dildos, not to mention the silicone Prrtle, which comes with a vibrator. Time’s a-wasting! Now go and get you a buttplug.

Tattoo Hollywood is coming! In case you missed this Q&A with the boss or other various announcements, from August 21-23, BME will be hosting the inaugural incarnation of its very own tattoo convention, Tattoo Hollywood! We’ve partnered with Bob Roberts and his world-famous Spotlight Tattoo and have assembled some of the best artists from the west coast and beyond. And hey, it’s pretty affordable! Passes are $20/day, $40/weekend and $100/VIP (includes access to VIP/artist parties, shorter access lines, etc.). If you’re a vendor, however, booth space is going quickly—visit Tattoo Hollywood online for details.

Celebrate Skindependence Weekend. And finally, friend of BME, Adam from, has passed along the information about this weekend’s Skindependence Weekend, being held in scenic Billings, Montana! The four-day event features suspensions, band performances, booze, contests and general revelry. And really, who doesn’t like those things? If you’re in the area, you know what to do.

(Also! The tattoo at the top of the post is by David Ekstrom at Canvas II in Eagan, Minnesota.)

4th of July Weekend BMEshop Sale!

So I’m doing it again! It’s almost the Fourth of July weekend and I’ve been bedridden, but I can finally squint hard enough to see my screen and select a bunch of BMEshop items to put on sale with the coupon code bmelovesme. All of our Mother of Pearl, Latex Gloves and all three types of silicone dildos are on sale for 15% off. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention our little silicone Prrtle which comes with a vibrator.

And, if you were wondering, these high quality silicone gems all came from our good friend Badur at Body Art Toys when he closed up shop. They really need a new home…and that means in someone’s vagina or bum. There, I said it! :) The first 10 people to make an order, take photos and submit them for BME with their new purchases, in addition to getting them up on ModBlog will get a free year of IAM access. Make sure to include when you submitted that these were BMEshop purchases!

Oh, and since I got a few meanie emails about not being clear about when the sale ended last time, it ends on EST time at midnight on Saturday.