Diamond Tattoo Fail

Not that there aren’t lots of smart tattooists, but let’s be honest — tattooing has never been a field that demands high intellectual standards as a basis for entry. And I get that it’s not always easy to visualize a three dimensional object and represent it in a simplified stylized form in two dimensions… but come on… is it really asking that much that people have some basic understanding of how a diamond is shaped before tattooing it? Unless I’m missing out on the caption and this is some kind of new Rubik’s cube half way through a twist or something.

thats no diamond

Happy New Year!

I’m really happy with the turn out for our New Year’s Eve gathering. It’s not even 9pm and the nonsense has already begun! Some old faces as well as new ones have turned out to help ring in the New Year.

Here’s a little  sample of what you’re all missing here at BME HQ! Enjoy!

See you next year!