Happy New Year!

I’m really happy with the turn out for our New Year’s Eve gathering. It’s not even 9pm and the nonsense has already begun! Some old faces as well as new ones have turned out to help ring in the New Year.

Here’s a little  sample of what you’re all missing here at BME HQ! Enjoy!

See you next year!

BMEtv – Trailer!

I know everyone has been wondering what’s been going on with the BME tour so here it goes! First I wanted to thank H2Ocean and Industrial Strength for helping make the tour possible and supporting BME.

Our schedule started to get a little haywire somewhere along the third or fourth week of the tour.  It started off with a never ending erupting volcano which soured travel plans, then some political unrest, economic instability causing more political unrest, being hospitalized and then coming home with an awesome case of pneumonia,  and so many more “little things” we had to take a break. Richard has been working his butt off  editing up a storm. I’m glad to announce that things are coming along well and we should be able to start uploading and posting videos in the next week from our time in Australia and New Zealand. With over 60+ Australian and New Zealand tattooers, piercers and body modification artists already interviewed, we are well on our way to a great start with what I originally intended to do with the tour project. I hope you enjoy the tour preview video that Richard put together and I can’t wait to start posting more videos!

I really want to thank Richard, Chez, Darah and Megan for joining me on the Australian & New Zealand leg of the tour and for all the work they put into the 5 weeks we were out on the road. As I said before, I can’t wait till we start publishing the interviews that we’ve done to date and I look forward to getting out on the road again and seeing what else the Body Modification Community has to offer in the rest of the world!

One Hour Tattoo – Ran Maclurkin

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to get tattooed again but the day we were leaving Melbourne, I had to let Trevor finish what he had left of the background on my right calf. I wasn’t sure if he was going to have time for a second session so I had made an appointment later that same day with Ran Maclurkin of The Piercing Urge. The tour team and I had spent the day prior to the tattoo interviewing Ran, Matt and Pete for the tour videos and interviews that we’re doing. As I had explained before, I’m getting a series of skull tattoos to fill up the front and sides of my thighs while I’m out on the road. I really liked Ran‘s “Abstract Noir” style of tattooing and wanted to get a piece from him. He’d already tattooed Chez‘s thigh the day before. I decided to ask Ran if he’d do me the honor of being the second in my series of “One Hour Tattoo” video and he said yes!

Check out the video and I hope you enjoy it!


Due to weird inconsistencies with the “Auto-Play”, I’ve moved the video to behind the jump. Click the image to go to the post to watch the video or click more.

The next installment of the “One Hour Tattoo” will be from Josh Roelink at TatuDharma in Sydney! No, I didn’t make these out of order, I’m heading back to Sydney for a couple days before we head off from the land of kangaroos and awesome.

One Hour Tattoo – Rhys Gordon

As someone who spends most of their time behind a computer, I don’t get a chance very often to meet tattooers from various ends of the earth. I’ve decided to get a series of tattoos that I’m calling the “One Hour Tattoo” and I hope to make time lapse videos of all of them. The first tattoo I’ve had done is by Rhys Gordon at InnerVision Tattoo in Sydney, Australia. He drew the skull and cross bones while we were chatting for his interview, which we some how managed not to do! He came out a couple days later to visit with us while we were working in Melbourne and I interviewed him there. I’ll wait to tell you more about Rhys when we post his interview for BMEtv.

rhysDue to weird inconsistencies with the “Auto-Play”, I’ve moved the video to behind the jump. Click the image to go to the post to watch the video or click more.

Hope you enjoy the video! Don’t forget that you can make your own videos and upload them to the new video sections on BMEzine.com

Jokes on you

People who know me well will tell you that I am a Youtube-er. I browse their vids all the time, and post them everywhere and anywhere. I really enjoy the videos coming out of Current‘s channel, what with all the tongue in cheek humor and colourful characters.  This video is a guide on how to make a Youtube video about your new tattoo. And if you are looking for something a little…racier? Well why not check out some of these videos.