Happy New Year!

I’m really happy with the turn out for our New Year’s Eve gathering. It’s not even 9pm and the nonsense has already begun! Some old faces as well as new ones have turned out to help ring in the New Year.

Here’s a little  sample of what you’re all missing here at BME HQ! Enjoy!

See you next year!

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hahahah. It was even better in person. Thank-you rob. This made my night last night. Happy new year buddy.

  2. Greatest party ever. Where are my videos? I didn’t stick things up my butt and down my cock to not be modbloged!

  3. I ordered products from your store on November 30th….and STILL have not recieved them.

    Is this a new policy for 2011….NOT shipping out orders?

  4. Pat – You need to contact BMEshop not post on ModBlog about it. I personally watched orders being filled like crazy over the weekend so if you haven’t heard anything try emailing [email protected]. No one is going to respond with details about your BMEshop order on here.

  5. We’re working on the video from the weekend right now (as well as finishing up some BME tour videos).

    Pat: Jen is correct. We can’t answer your order questions here, nor can we even find out any information from just seeing the name “Pat”. I can’t even find an order that has that name listed on it. Every order that’s been placed on the site has been shipped with the exception of orders that came in today.

  6. I think the BME new years tweed bonfire from 2003 had a bit of a springboard or ramp so that people attempting to jump over actually… got over? I remember that I sure as heck didn’t try jumping the fire!

    Looks like an interesting past-time though!

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